How does one become a member of "The Crow Society"?

It is easy and painless!  Membership is for life!

For Membership - Email is with your membership request and include your name, address, phone number and why you would like to become a member.  If we decide you are Crow worthy then we will assign you a Crow ID# and you will join our murder. 

Crow University - You are welcome to go to Crow University and pick up some well deserved degrees. As part of the Crow Society you are automatically accepted in the Crow University.  Membership does have it's privileges!

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Some quick FAQs about "The Crow Society".
Q: Is this another Tree Hugger Society?  A: No, But we would rather you not kill Crows! 
Q: Is this a wicked out political Society?  A: No,  Just people that like Crow's or is one!
Q: Do you have a business plan, mission statement or purpose?  A: No, where is the fun in that?
Q: Is their a secret hand shake?  A: Yes but I can't show you..... It's a secret!
Q: Where does the membership money go? A: To Crow1 (me).  It is not much after the Free gift.